All My Heroes Look Like Me, Is Xhosa Fray-Chinn's upcoming Photo Project. The Project began in November 2022 and is still in progress as resources and space are needed to complete the project. 
The idea was sparked when I found an image online of  Wilson Chinn, An escaped slave, who became the  subject of a photograph documenting the extensive use of torture during slavery. in the image, Wilson is branded with his slaveowners initials on him and wearing a device around his neck. These images of trauma sparked in me trying to figure out how to change the message of this image. Turning pain into power. Through that I found more inspiration through the imagery of photographers such as Gordon Parks and Kwame Brathwaite who were superb at showing Black power in a subtle way. 
All My Heroes Look Like Me is my way of turning trauma into a superpower. Creating images where these brandings and devices are what make us unique and special and most importantly, free.
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